Hiking With Jesus (2024 Primary Devotional)

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ISBN 9780828015844
By: Jim Feldbush
Hardback, 384 pages
S$20.00 (subsidized price)

All the nature in the Bible! Trees, flowers, animals . . . it’s ALL HERE!
Take a “nature hike” through the Bible and discover all the wild and wonderful things that God made for our happiness. Through the eyes of each inspired author, you’ll learn about nature’s great God. And whenever you see a piece of nature in the real world, you’ll remember the deeper meaning.
Every book of the Bible has some nature in it. The trail begins in Genesis and winds its way through poisonous plants and rivers treacherous all the way to the precious stones of Revelation. Along the way, you’ll encounter carnivores and carnelian, dingoes and doves, hyenas and halibut, spiders and sapphires, silk and seaweed, silicon and scorpions, and other wonders.
You’ll soar with the eagles and swim with the sharks. You’ll meet melting mountains, bitter herbs, and several notable constellations, such as Orion. And every day you’ll tuck away a nugget of wisdom in your spiritual knapsack for forever.
So put on your hiking boots. We’re going on a truth safari!